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Our sweet collaboration with Curly Valentina

Curly Valentina is the pseudonym of Valentina Bongiovanni, an Italian illustrator based in Turin, Italy. After discovering her most recent work, we loved it so much that we wanted to create a link between her passion and Oséa, and give her the opportunity to discover our world as we discovered hers. Not only are her illustrations friendly and cute, but we feel it also has a deeper significance; that of empowering women to do what they love and be proud of their bodies! 

Facebook: Curly Valentina

Instagram: @curly.valentina


A few words from Valentina 


  • Il mio nome è Valentina, sono un’illustratrice di 24 anni based in Turin, Italy. La mia passione per il disegno parte da molto lontano. Da quando ero una bambina e vedevo mio padre dipingere la sera dopo il lavoro. Ai tempi vivevo con questa immagine impressa e non mi davo pace, volevo essere quella che disegnava la sera, che faceva cose bellissime.
  • My name is Valentina, I'm a 24-year old illustrator based in Turin, Italy. My passion for drawing comes from a place far away in time, when I was a little girl and saw my father paint in the evenings after work. At the time, I lived with that image and couldn't find peace; I wanted to be the one who drew in the evening and created beautiful things. 


  • L’illustrazione ha preso totale controllo della mia vita negli ultimi due anni. In realtà ho cominciato la mia carriera come industrial designer, per poi realizzare di preferire la china alle sedie.
  • Illustration has taken complete control of my life in the past two years. Actually, I started my career as an Industrial Designer, but I then realized I preferred ink to chairs. 

Why ?

  • E’ stata una scelta d’impeto ma necessaria. Ho abbandonato tutto quello che avevo costruito ma che non faceva realmente parte di me (not my cup of tea). Sentivo (e  sento tutt’ora) la necessità di esprimermi attraverso linee, a volte dure e a volte morbide, senza avere troppi paletti da rispettare come nella produzione di un oggetto. C’è a chi questa cosa esalta e a chi no. 
  • It has been a tough choice but a necessary one. I abandoned everything I had built but that wasn't actually part of me (not my cup of tea). I felt (and still feel) the need to express myself through lines, sometimes hard and sometimes soft, without having too many boundaries to respect as for the design of an object. There are some for whom this is exciting and for others not.


  • Sto progettando di entrare ad un Master per potenziare le mie skills. Allo stesso tempo penso che spostarmi e vivere nuove situazioni possa essere la chiave artistica giusta per rendere il mio lavoro sempre nuovo.  
  • Ovviamente il desiderio ultimo è quello di illustrare la copertina del New York Times. Vedremo cosa arriverà.  Stay tuned.
  • I'm planning to start a Master's to improve my skills and potential. At the same time, I feel that moving away and living new situations may be the right artistic key  to always renew my work. 
  • Of course the ultimate desire is to be published on the cover of the New York Times. We will see what happens. Stay tuned. 

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