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Oséa is going eco-friendly!

This year, we had the desire to adopt a sustainable, more ethical approach and really focus on not only creative high-quality, luxury swimwear, but also helping out the environment in our own way.

As a first step, we decided to start with the fabric itself and sourced the best high-end Italian fabric which also happens to be the latest fabric innovation for beach and swimwear. 

Osea’s SS17 fabric is just amazing as it is made from 78% recycled fibers called Econyl®. 

These fibers are actually made 100% from post-consumer waste, one of their reclaiming programs focussing in particular on abandoned fishing nets.  After reading their story and how their work benefits our oceans, we knew this was the way to go forward. 

Read more about their project here : http://www.econyl.com.

Appart from introducing the sustainable aspect, we wanted to maintain our core values and use high-quality fabrics only which justify our price point and can be trusted 100%. After multiple chlorine, sunscreen, and saline laboratory tests and reality tests with swimming competitions, the results show that this particular fabric is superior to any competitor’s fabric in terms of resistance to degradation from creams and oils, from chlorine, and from general wear.

We cannot wait for this new collection to be out and hope you are as excited as we are, so stay tuned and keep tabs on our social media pages! In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peak images. 

- The Oséa Team 



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